Both Porcelain and Ceramic tiles are available in virtually endless colours, styles, sizes, shapes and textures.

Ceramic tiles usually are made from red or white clay fired in a kiln. Ceramic tiles are used in both wall and floor applications. Since they are softer, they are easier to cut, and suitable for light to moderate traffic areas.

Porcelain tile is mostly made pressed porcelain clay dust, and the result is a tile that’s extremely dense. In terms of texture, it’s fine grained and smooth. Glazed porcelain tiles are more resistant to damage than ceramic tiles, and are better in high traffic areas.

Both Porcelain and Ceramic tiles have numerous benefits, such as durability, stain resistance, hygenic, easy to clean, scratch resistance, resistant to fading and burns, and is environmentally friendly.


The company started in 1927 as Montreal Floor and Wall Tile. A series of mergers led Olympia Tile + Stone to become an international leader in the ceramic tile industry.

Further acquisitions during the 80s and 90s helped the company expand to vinyl composite tile and producer of specialized cementitious products, adhesives and accessory installation products for the ceramic tile and stone industry.

Today, Olympia Tile + Stone is exclusive distributors for more than 75 foreign manufacturers on 5 continents, making it the largest importers of tile in Canada and a leading supplier in the United States.


Founded in 1933, Centura Tile sold blocks, cement, brick, arborite and ceramics. Through strategic partnerships and mergers, the company increased its product range to include resilient flooring and luxury and sheet vinyl.

Importing from all around the world – Italy, Spain, Turkey, Asia, South America and the USA, Centura Tile has expanded its product offering to include all floor covering products – ceramic tile, porcelain, mosaics, stone, vinyl, rubber, carpet, laminate and wood.


The Daltile Advantage: a combination of beautiful product, wide commercial reach and its committment to service excellence.

An in providing the highest quality, and the most innovative tile and stone products, Daltile is able to deliver through its 10 company-owned and operated manufacturing plants in the U.S., Mexico, Italy and China. And further, having numerous manufacturing “allied partners” complement’s Daltile’s distribution network.


Since 1978, the Julian Ceramic Tile company has grown to be one of the top Tile Wholesale-Distributors in Western Canada and the Western USA, employing over 80 people.

The Julian Collection includes a huge selection of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles from around the world, with buyers travelling to every corner of this planet looking for product that keeps to the Julian standard, one of quality and beauty.

Having inspected each factories and quarry, the Julian stamp of excellence is something they guarantee and you can count on.


For over 40 years, C&S Tile has imported and distributed ceramic and stone tile products from around the world, offering new and innovative products to the market. The company’s porcelain and ceramic manufacturers are world leaders in their industry, always using the latest technology all production and design.

Buyers for C&S Tile go to every source available, looking to different parts of the world to bring back products that are both unique and inspiring. All to satisfy our client’s needs.

C&S Tile has a long history of accessing materials that are both unique and cutting-edge. The range of design possibilities and the ability to make the perfect design statement for any style project are endless.


In 1979, Tierra Sol Ceramic Tile began in the foothills of Calgary, and over the past 30 years Tierra Sol has been offering a vast collection of beautiful tiles to designers, architects, contractors, and retailers.

Tierra Sol’s mission is to source exquisite and awe-inspiring tile from around the globe, offering a selection that will never leave you wanting for more. Its collection of sustainable and timeless porcelain tile, glass mosaics, and natural stones sourced the world over have inspired countless designers and builders.

In partnership with various factories and the US Green Building council, Tierra Sol are committed to technological innovations that help reduce energy consumption and emissions while improving public awareness and waste management to our environmental footprint.


Crystal Tiles is a committed distributor to supply glass tiles and mosaics to designers, contractors and retailers throughout West Canada. As a premier supplier of glass tiles, the company solely focuses on providing our business partners with our own leading designed lines of glass tile at competitive prices.

Crystal Tiles takes its glass tile quality to the next level; therefore, all its tiles are manufactured according to its high standards to provide best color consistency and long lasting.

Crystal Tiles has more than 60 different colours, wide range of sizes and finishings for you to choose from.